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Lease Restructuring

While historically, it has not been typical for landlords to grant rent reductions after your lease begins current economic conditions have created a significant opportunities for retail and office tenants to restructure entire portfolios of leases. High vacancy rates in commercial real estate markets and tight credit requirements for landlords have enabled the professionals at Rent Research Consultants, Inc. to obtain significant rent reductions by proactively renewing and extending leases well before those renewals are due. Our research will uncover changes in the marketplace including new development, road construction and residential growth that can have a profound effect the value of your lease. Our negotiators are skilled at creating restructuring proposals that reduce rent while assisting landlords in dealing with difficult economic times.

Early lease renewal and restructure presents particularly attractive opportunities for rent reductions to those tenants with strong brand national brands and long tenant histories. Armed with in-depth research and real estate knowledge, Rent Research Consultants has been successful in obtaining significant rent reductions by locking in lower occupancy costs long before the "recovery" is complete.


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