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Fee Structure

We founded our company on the premise that we should only be paid when we create measurable value for our clients. The size of our fee should be based on the total amount of the rent reduction we deliver to our client’s bottom line, not the amount of hours the assignment took or some arbitrary industry-wide commission schedule.

We operate on a core set of principles:

  • The consultant should take all the risk associated with an assignment, not the client.
  • If you can't give your client 100% loyalty, don't take the assignment.
  • Lasting relationships are built on positive results. Consultants, who don't produce positive results, don't deserve to be paid.
  • A consultant should never be paid before his client and his client should always receive the majority of any rent reduction that is obtained.

Unlike a real estate broker, our fee does not increase as your rent increases. Under the terms of our Contingent Fee Agreement, our fee will be a percentage of the savings Rent Research Consultants obtains on your behalf. Our fee is always based solely on the rent that you don't pay!

Our fees are based on your total occupancy cost reduction over the term of the new agreement. If there is no savings or if our research indicates that you should exercise your existing option, there no fee. Our fee structure is simple and incorporates our core beliefs;

No Savings...No Fee

Contact our lease renewal and restructure experts and find out how to reduce your occupancy costs and fatten your bottom line.


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